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In the Meghalaya state lies the 'wettest place on earth'. In the East Khasi Hills, WeForest partners with a federation of 10 indigenous governments and 62 Khasi villages to restore areas of forest through assisted natural regeneration and to combat the issues that threaten the forest, including charcoal making, grazing and forest fires. Communities are empowered to take ownership of their natural capital and restore the degraded forest areas. Self-help groups, farmer's clubs, home-based nurseries and more are established to promote sustainable entrepreneurship and economic development among the local villagers. To avoid further deforestation and switch to a more forest-friendly lifestyle, the project is installing fuel-efficient cooking stoves and rice cookers for the 3,500 households in the project area. As a result of this activity, pollution and fuelwood consumption will be reduced and health of the forest protected.

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  • 50 trees planted 2019-08-28 22:33:47 India Khasi Hills First 50 trees planted, just to have a nice start :-) total trees planted:



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