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This project aims to restore degraded land in Lamas, San Martin and Alto Amazonas in Loreto, Peru. The primary goal is to reduce forest fires. Secondary goals include increasing the connectivity in forest patches, restoring endemic wildlife habitats, preventing a carbon sink, growing economic income for producers, and increasing the supply of non-timber forest products.

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Current Balance: 246

We have already pre-paid for trees that you can buy from us. The following list gives an overview of trees ordered for resale to users. Some credits already might be sold to users. If there's enough balance, there are trees available for sale to users.

Amazon Reforestation's Trees Planted By Users
  • 1 trees planted 2020-10-28 08:02:37 Planted by TreeClicks TreeClicks - payout from webshop for trees
  • 3 trees planted 2020-08-28 02:02:57 Planted by TreeClicks TreeClicks - payout from webshop for trees total trees planted:



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